Yatindra Mishra

Hindi Poet, Music & Cinema Scholar
Recipient of National Film Award for Cinema Writing

Meelon se Din
by Yatindra Mishra (Author)

Language: Hindi


Gulzar is the master wordsmith. Yatindra explores the full breadth and depth of the poet and lyricist in these two books. Yaar Julahe and Meelon se din. Yaar Julahe is an anthology of the non-filmi poetry of Gulzar and Meelon se Din is a compilation of the film songs edited by the author. The author has supplemented these collections with well researched and detailed commentaries on Gulzar's art. They delve deep inside the poems and discuss all the imagery, techniques, motifs and expression which make the poetry of Gulzar so unique. This elevates the books to independent works of art. These books will help anyone to know the creatively genius persona that is Gulzar.

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