Yatindra Mishra

Hindi Poet, Music & Cinema Scholar
Recipient of National Film Award for Cinema Writing

by Yatindra Mishra (Author)

Language: Hindi
Publisher: Vani Prakashan, New Delhi


An invigorating series of dialogues with the eminent Thumri exponent Giriji Devi Ji made the Book Girija. Yatindra has deftly written about the intricacies of music and the struggles of being an artist with a poetic ease. Girija Devi ji shares the tales of her life and career, talks about the charm of Banaras , the legacy of Indian classical music . These make the book a multi-faceted endevour with a depth and dimension. Yatindra has also supplemented the interview with his analytical yet beautiful notes on music and the artist. The poems written as an ode to Girija Devi Ji are a tribute to thumri itself. This book has all the nostalgia of Indian classical and semi-classical music crystallized in it. For a glimpse into the revered life of an artist who is true to her art, Girija takes us on a melodious journey to answer hitherto unanswered questions.

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