Yatindra Mishra

Hindi Poet, Music & Cinema Scholar
Recipient of National Film Award for Cinema Writing

SUR Ki Baradari
by Yatindra Mishra (Author)

Language: Hindi
Publisher: Yatra Books (an imprint of Penguin India)


Ustad Bismillah Khan was undoubtedly one of the greatest of the Indian Classical Artists. His music had a divine quality to it. it is this ephemeral effect and relation that Yatindra seeks in the book- the face of music as a divine entity. An interview with the Shehnai maestro forms the basis of the book. The author elaborates on the art of Ustad's shehnai as the master talks about the inspiration which kindle the melody. Ustad Ji recounts anecdotes from his childhood , incidents with his Mamu and Guru , how he was indoctrinated in the family tradition of music, tales from his concerts and more . The book explores the facets of Indian classical music, nuances of shehnai as an instrument, the Art Of Ustad Bismillah Khan.

An excerpt of the book has also been selected to be taught in the curriculum of CBSE under NCERT in highschool's Hindi book.

Ustad Bismillah Khan was equally known for his divine music and his disarming innocent laugh. The author shared a warmth with the legendary Shehnai Maestro . Yatindra has wriiten a book on Ustad Sur Ki Baradari which actually whisks the reader away in the era of great hall and even greater musical performances. The excerpts of this book have been included in the CBSE  curriculum for hindi subject in highschool.

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